About zippcontractor

zippcontractor is a database of contractors Canada wide, that meet the stringent requirements to be listed on our site. At zippcontractor, we have a vetting process which we pride ourselves on. We allow no exceptions to our requirements; either you meet the criteria or you don't. This is what makes zippcontractor stand out from the rest, just like the contractors we showcase.

zippcontractor is becoming the industry standard for construction in Canada, because being listed on zippcontractor makes you stand out from the "fly-by-night" trades many General Contractors have fallen victim to.

Invite to Tender

The "Invite to Tender" feature is exclusive to zippcontractor. This feature allows General Contractors to invite trades to bid on jobs with the click of one button. Although having the Silver package subscription allows you to be seen by many GC's, the Gold and Platinum package opens you up to the possibility of many tender invitations.